2007 Books

Not to be outdone by Freedom Toast, I give you the stats on the books I read in 2007.

I read 38 books in 2007. I do not have a page count. 27 of those were in the last half of the year — after I started using GoodReads!

Top authors:

  • Barbara Kingsolver (3)
  • Philip Pullman (3)
  • Susanna Clarke (2)
  • Stephen King (2)
  • Madeleine L’Engle (2)
  • Ian McEwan (2)

The page count is officially 14,278 — but I wasn’t keeping track as I went along the way Freedom Toasted was, so I just pulled those from GoodReads. That number includes all numbered pages in each book — indices, appendices, etc. The actual number is somewhat lower than that; I’d guess it’s right around 14,000.

The average book I read in 2007 was 375 pages long. On average, I read one book every 10 days.


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