Links of the Whatever — 2008.05.10

  • I kind of want a fagbug. Is that wrong? It is just so damn cute and awesome. [Via Feministing]
  • Manliness vs. Guyliness — an interesting post from Edward Keenan’s Act Like a Man. (Is it weird that I read a blog about manliness?)
  • How to Win a Street Fight — yes, I read the Art of Manliness, too. Sue me. It’s interesting to read this and imagine a female doing these things. I think a woman giving her “best war cry” would be remarkably intimidating, if for no other reason than being completed unexpected.
  • Cleavage at Work: Yay or Nay? asks Jezebel, and I have to give it a great big nay. The article states “On one hand, fuck a mothertrucker who can’t concentrate and look you in the eye just because you’re wearing a scoopneck shirt” but heck, I’m a reasonably heterosexual female and I can’t keep my eyes off the things if they’re just… out there.
  • The new/old Starbucks logo is causing a (minor, fringe) ruckus, according to Salon’s Broadsheet. Personally, I like the old/new logo better — it looked sleek and modern. The new/old/new logo makes me think of fish-flavored coffee from the 1800’s. On the other hand, I think “Slutbucks” is a wonderful new word.
  • Manbabies switches the heads of dads and their babies in PhotoShop. It’s remarkably disturbing. [via The Daily Dish]

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  1. Manbabies…. Eeewww..

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