R.I.P. Splinter!!!

R.I.P. Splinter!!!

R.I.P. Splinter!!!,
originally uploaded by suedoc.

Splinter, our friendly neighborhood gravity-defying ninja rat, passed away last night under suspicious circumstances. I found him in the alley covered with flies this morning as I walked to the bus stop. It seems like just last week he was skittering across the backyard, scaling the brick wall of the apartment building, and crawling around in the dumpster and scaring me when I threw a trash bag in. Wait, it was last week.

I snapped a picture with my cameraphone. After uploading to Flickr and tagging it “dead rat,” my curiosity got the better of me — how many photos on Flickr are tagged “dead rat”?

A surprising amount, it turns out. 201, in fact, and those are just the public ones. Some of them are absolutely amazing… does that make me sick and twisted? I like to think I have only the normal amount of fascination with the morbid. After the jump… photos not for the faint of heart!





I’m not kidding, this stuff is NASTY.




Still here? Oh, fine. I’ll make them tiny, at any rate, you’ll have to click through to Flickr for the full gore.


One Response

  1. Poor Splinter,

    One day runnin in da hood and the next day…well. It is a sad day indeed.

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