Liveblogging the Emmys

8:10 — OK so I missed the beginning, but Oprah looked good. Amy Poehler is HUGE.

8:12 — Looks like it’s going to be another night of “all the awards go to shows I haven’t seen.”

8:13 — Oops, gotta get the chicken out of the oven.

8:14 — Is this broadcast sponsored by… Macys, perhaps?

8:17 — Why is there a segment about Seinfeld? I’m pretty sure that show’s not up for an Emmy this year.

8:18 — How awesome is it that the GIRL is the only cast member to really have a post-Seinfeld career? Sure, Jerry’s doing quite fine, but he hasn’t exactly moved on.

8:28 — I still haven’t seen a single episode of Desparate Housewives. Go Michael Emerson! Or Zelkjo Ivanek, whom I saw in The Pillowman.

8:29 — Aww, yay!

8:34 — LOVE the “exchange” between Steve Carrell and Ricky Gervais.

8:41 — Aw, I wish the Simpson’s set had been 3-D.

8:47 — Dr. Phil & David Letterman… that was brilliant.

9:02 — Oh this is still going on. With a frantic tribute to cheesy T.V. theme songs. The X-Files thing was cute.

9:10 — I’m a PC and I sell fish. LOLWUT?

9:21 — Aw! Old lady that died in a car crash on West Wing!

9:24 — Tina Fey: marry me?

10:03 — Officially bored and no longer paying attention, except Kathy Griffin is always funny.

10:52 — Betty White is still alive? She’s adorable!

10:56 — Never seen it. Sigh.


America’s Next Top Model, Episode 1

Americas Next Top Model?

America's Next Top Model?

I’m telling myself that I’m only watching ANTM this cycle as a show of solidarity for trans models. Not because it’s hilarious, trashy, campy fun. Definitely not. It’s all about the social consciousness.

Hands down, my favorite is Sheena. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted to be, but wasn’t — confident but not arrogant, ebullient but not bubbly, and she seems to know exactly how to make people feel at ease. She even managed not to slap the girl who told her she was “not a typical Oriental woman.” She was so kind and cool with Isis in front of the other girls — classy!

Isis is the hometown (PG County) girl. Transgirl. She seems pretty smart and never lost her cool on the show even when some of the others were being incredibly ugly. She handled the obligatory Q&A session with grace. I’m sure she’s seen it all (and much worse) before, but this has got to be the first time on national television, right? She done good.

[Tangent: I will never cease to be amazed at the stupid things that teenage girls are willing to say on national tv. I was surprised at how many girls said horrible, freaked out things about Isis, and actually seemed proud of it. Like it’s something to brag about — being a sheltered bigot. Ah well, they’re young, hopefully most of them will get over it after some exposure to the world.]

Marjorie is so nervous that it makes me nervous to just watch her, but she seems sweet. She was homeschooled after she moved to the U.S. from France, so hopefully once she learns that she’s just as smart and talented and pretty as the other gals she’ll lose the skittishness. Been there, done that. (Except for the modelling part.)

After Sheena, I think Analeigh is the cutest. She reminds me a little of Billie Piper — maybe that’s why. She seems nice enough.

I should like Elina (the animal rights activist) more than I do. She seems to exude a little bit of self-righteous smugness, but maybe that’s just editing.

I’m glad Sharaun is gone. She was ugly on the inside.

Nikeysha is slightly insane! But so chipper and fun. I don’t think she’s going all the way, but I hope she sticks around a long time.