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Liveblogging the Emmys

8:10 — OK so I missed the beginning, but Oprah looked good. Amy Poehler is HUGE.

8:12 — Looks like it’s going to be another night of “all the awards go to shows I haven’t seen.”

8:13 — Oops, gotta get the chicken out of the oven.

8:14 — Is this broadcast sponsored by… Macys, perhaps?

8:17 — Why is there a segment about Seinfeld? I’m pretty sure that show’s not up for an Emmy this year.

8:18 — How awesome is it that the GIRL is the only cast member to really have a post-Seinfeld career? Sure, Jerry’s doing quite fine, but he hasn’t exactly moved on.

8:28 — I still haven’t seen a single episode of Desparate Housewives. Go Michael Emerson! Or Zelkjo Ivanek, whom I saw in The Pillowman.

8:29 — Aww, yay!

8:34 — LOVE the “exchange” between Steve Carrell and Ricky Gervais.

8:41 — Aw, I wish the Simpson’s set had been 3-D.

8:47 — Dr. Phil & David Letterman… that was brilliant.

9:02 — Oh this is still going on. With a frantic tribute to cheesy T.V. theme songs. The X-Files thing was cute.

9:10 — I’m a PC and I sell fish. LOLWUT?

9:21 — Aw! Old lady that died in a car crash on West Wing!

9:24 — Tina Fey: marry me?

10:03 — Officially bored and no longer paying attention, except Kathy Griffin is always funny.

10:52 — Betty White is still alive? She’s adorable!

10:56 — Never seen it. Sigh.