Links of the whatever – 3.16.2008

  • WaPo reports on a man who has been taking care of his wife, who has Huntington’s, since the turn of the century, during which time her mental and physical capabilities have decreased dramatically.  He sounds like an absolutely amazing human being.  On the other hand, would I want Brett or even my parents to go through all that for me? Give up that much for me? Maybe, I don’t know? I’ve been thinking a lot about my own mortality lately and this is just one more thing I want to make a decision about while I still can.  [Jezebel]
  • Sex therapists say the best sex lasts seven to 13 minutes. More is not always better. [Jezebel]
  • NYC was prettier before there were cars. [No Impact Man]
  • Gas is cheaper than milk. [WiseBread]
  • An unholy but hilarious and genius mating of Monty Python and Star Trek. [Greta Christina]
  • Next on the list of stuff white people like? The blog Stuff White People Like. [Stuff White People Like]