RIP Splinter, Day 8

RIP Splinter, Day 8

RIP Splinter, Day 8,
originally uploaded by suedoc.

I missed days 6 and 7, during which time there was a lot of heat and a lot of rain. Splinter is pretty much a pelt and some mush at this point.


RIP Splinter, Day 5

RIP Splinter, Day 5

RIP Splinter, Day 5,
originally uploaded by suedoc.

I think there’s not much left now but skin and bones, literally. Not much has changed.

I’ve been told that my little photo project is sick, twisted, and disturbing. I don’t really see how, myself. Is it gross? Yes, definitely. But twisted? Things — animals — people — die all the time. Death is all around us. I don’t see how just owning up to it and observing it is unhealthy — quite the opposite, in fact.

For the record, I’ve never caused the death of any animal larger than a mouse (and that one was in our kitchen, and I felt really bad about it, apologized to the mouse before killing him, and cried for half an hour).

RIP Splinter, Day 4

RIP Splinter, Day 4

RIP Splinter, Day 4,
originally uploaded by suedoc.

Well, it’s still identifiably a rat, but that’s about all you can say for it. There is a crushed Steel Reserve can right by his tail now, which I find slightly disturbing.

The body has been moved quite a bit — it’s moved a little every night. GK tells me that bloated corpses can explode and move the body around a little, but that can’t have happened every single night.

RIP Splinter, day 3.

RIP Splinter, day 3.

RIP Splinter, day 3.,
originally uploaded by suedoc.

In case you don’t obsessively check my flickr photostream (how could you not?!), I am on day 3 of photojournaling the decomposition of Splinter. Last night the body was moved, presumably by a stray cat. The flies are hard to work.

A new rat, somewhat smaller than ol’ Splinter, has moved into the space under the dumpster. His name is Templeton.